Monday, April 9, 2012

Part II-Nature

Hello hello!
Woke up a bit late the other day and had our brunch at the nearby mall.
found McDonald at their food court.
 (As you know,we never had McDonald at our food court?)

Ate this awesome juicy scrumptious beef burger.
Come on just look at the thickness of the patty..
Drooling already?

Just like the title above,
this post will be more about the nature.
What is it then?
A short tour to the Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world.
It is a mixture of  grass parkland,botanical gardens and natural bushland on Mount Eliza.
It is open for public .
So you can read,picnic and etc. at there while enjoying the panaromic view of Swan River and Darling Range.
Behold the the magnificent views.
 The tree top walk.

 Familiar names ey?

 Lovely fountain
 The one on the right is a special tree which its trunk can store water during the hot weather.
 Later dropped by town area for shopping again.
Saw this some sort of like STICKY candy shop at there.
You know girls,when the see sweets,they will not resist ;)
 Ignore the hairy hands.*Opps* =X
 And since it was almost Easter Day,the malls were fulled of Easter candies :DDD
 Guess what have I found?
My favorite - Macaroons!!!!
However it's quite expensive tho- $3.00 each.
If it is converted to RM - $3 x RM3 = RM9+ each?
Kill me better.== 

 Got home.
As usual,poor tummy got hungreh out of sudden.
Don't know what to eat.
As a typical Penang Kia will do - cook instant noodle.
The special about the snack is- they have beef flavor Maggie Mee.
*Ho ho.Slurps*
It was fun to try something new yet still prefer the Curry flavor one.

 At evening,had a walked at the river nearby.

The beautiful scenery which made me missed Perth much.

That's all for today.
The next post shall be more salty.
Till then.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip to Western Australia (Part I-Hi Perth)

Good day mate!
This is my very first time to land my foot on the Western Australia,Perth!
Was so nervous yet so excited yo. :D

The city of Perth also known worldwid as the 'City of Light' is the capital and largest city of Western Australia.
It is situated on the banks of Swan River with an estimated population of almost 1700,000.
It's not a big city ,some sort of like Penang though.
Small yet equipped well with everything.
Good thing is if you live there,you practically know everyone (I guess? ;p) .

The main part of the trip is to visit relatives.
Plus to look after my Grandma.
However to be frank,
being a 'good' granddaughter herself always disappeared from the house and left the elders alone.
Haha opps =3
First time rusa masuk Aussie ma,can't blame eh...

For this post, I won't elaborate much (Okay,I never elaborate ==).
Basically I'll just tell you readers the 'exciting'(/not-so-boring) part of it.

Beautiful sky huh?
6 hours of nightmare has just begun alright..
Just so you know ,you can barely move in a flight.:((
At least they served lovely breakfast,nevermind then ^^

The beginning of the trip is all about typical tourist will do- being introduced to the new place.
Before headed off,stuffed our tummy with some foods .
Yeah,most of the foods I had were Asian cuisines.They are everywhere LOL.
After that,off to shopping!:D
What a happy tourist ey?

Along the street,
caught up with this cool old-fashioned building.
Inside it's a small street called  London Court.

Meet my nephew :)

Down the street,that's more...
Some pretty looking cafe
This is the interior of the Perth Post Office.
Tried to take picture of the exterior part but apparently,failed.
My first and ever walk-in Apple Store,felt so proud ;'D
Took the free bus to the Swan River.
This is the Swan Bell which located right next to the river.
The Swan River is so huge till I mistakenly thought it was a sea or something.

Next stop : Perth Culture Center..
Surprisingly people there never use umbrella even though the sun is really big and the weather is really hot.
I don't wanna look like a freak so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED,
walked all the way to the Northbridge without anything.
Luckily didn't get sunburn but I don't know when can I turn back  into 'white' again.. T.T
The street art is amazing isn't it?
Trust me,appreciate the Bubble Milk Tea we have in Penang.
It's far way better ><
At  night,we had our dinner at a the local Chinese Restaurant.
The foods taste ordinary but the seafood is irresistible as they are SHOOO  SOOO FRESH like they just caught them out from the water! 
Later, dropped by at the University of Western of Australia.

That's it for today.
Stay tuned for more....;)